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Got bugs?
Unfortunately, when you're dealing with pretty much any technology, bugs are often just a part of life. Ideally, they're discovered and fixed before they cause "issues" for anyone. But all too often, they rear their ugly heads and cause a whole bunch of stress and hassle before they can be addressed.
  • During site development:
    • Web Site Owner – if it's your web site and someone else is building it for you, these bugs aren't usually your problem (whew!)
    • Web Developer – if, however, you are that developer, and there's a bug/problem that's got you pulling your darn hair out and you just can't friggin' manage to figure it out, we can (discretely) help!
  • After site launch:
    • Sometimes, sites launch with bugs that go unnoticed until days, weeks or even months later! If this happens to you and you no longer happen to have a relationship with the folks who built the site, you can always give us a call. And once again, if you are a developer who finds yourself in this position with a client site, and the bug is one you can't manage to squash, we can be a resource for you too.
  • As technology evolves:
    • You may have a site that's been working just fine for months or years, when suddenly -- poof, out of the blue, something is broken. It makes no sense! How the heck can this happen? We haven't touched the darn thing in months! Well, as luck would have it, the web is kinda like a living, breathing thing. And just like animals and people, who acquire icky afflictions as they get older, so too do web sites sometimes fall victim to "old age". Specifically, various "links in the chain" -- e.g. the underlying server software, the scripting language, the database software -- are all subject to ongoing updates/evolution. And unfortunately, when these updates occur, many times, the given component can become incompatible with one or more aspects of web sites that have been out there workin' just fine for a long time. And that's when breakdowns/bugs can occur. Once again, this is something we can help with -- just give us a call!
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