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System Integration
Need your site to "talk" to other systems?
These days, it's all about the data. Accessing it, querying it, getting it from here to there. In our travels, we have helped clients do this in a variety of ways.
  • In many areas, we incorporate basic data management functionality right into the UI:
    • data exports
    • data importers
  • We've also set up clients' systems to interact directly with a wide variety of third-party entities – in some cases by connecting to a given entity's API, and in other cases creating our own API/Web Service, to allow partners to retrieve data from our clients' systems:
    • payment processors
    • shipping vendors
    • fulfillment vendors
    • affiliate management systems
    • payroll systems
    • employee management systems
    • order management systems
    • inventory control systems
    • CRM systems
  • We have also created standalone desktop applications which allow clients to manipulate and upload data from a variety of local sources – such as dynamically OCR'ed documents – into their systems.
Web/App DevelopmentSystem IntegrationWeb Rescue
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